Services MUST list environment variables that may be used to perform any actions the service exposes. They are provided when the service starts.


    type: string
    pattern: "^key_"
    required: true
    help: |
      Description of how the user should produce this variable

Environment variables are case insensitive to the end-user. They are provided to the service in upper case. For example, if the user defines access_TOKEN=abc, the service will get ACCESS_TOKEN=abc.

Each environment variable under environment may have the following information about it:

typeRequired. The data type for this environment variable. It must be one of int, float, string, boolean
patternValidations for strings in a regular expression format
requiredWhether this variable is required or not. Default is false
sensitiveSet this to true if the environment variable is considered secret/private to inform the platform to encrypt the variable. Default is false
helpDescription of how the user can produce this variable or details on why they need to provide it