OMG has an active community of developers who are using the OMG spec to build their reusable applications within their organizations and for developers around the world. We'd love your help to improve and extend the project.

Contribute on GitHub

We are always looking for active contributors in the OMG spec, and the tools that support the ecosystem. Here are a few areas where we would love community contribution in the OMG project. Be sure to follow our community addition guidelines.

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We build a UI tool so that you can test and build your microservices flawlessly.


We built command line tools that can help you test and deploy your microservices.

OMG Libraries

It can be tedious to write your own microservice.yml so we want to write libraries for all the popular languages so that it all happens automatically.
We already have written one for Python, and would love your contributions for other languages.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas?

Awesome, OMG is 100% community-driven so we'd love to hear from you!

Contribute With OMG!

We are under development and open to contribution. 100% open source.