Turn containers into cloud-native libraries.

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Containers are blackboxes

Data exchange and communication with microservices deployed in containers is a blackbox.
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OMG Specification

The OMG specification is a standard for communicating & documenting these services that turn your microservice into a cloud-native library!
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Run anywhere

Run anywhere - from your terminal to slack. Tools for dicumentation and testing come free 😉

OMG Spec

OMG Spec

A Spec to write higky reusable self documenting microservices.

  omg: 1
    version: 1.0.1
    title: Calculator
    description: This is a sample calculator
      name: MIT
      url: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
      help: Add two integers
        method: post
        path: /add
        port: 5000
          type: int
          required: true
          in: requestBody
          type: int
          required: true
          in: requestBody
          type: int

      command: ['flask', 'run', '--host=']


Write one use forever. Can share between your team or open it to millions of developers.

Self documenting

Use any of our libraries that will autogenerate the documentation required for anyone to use your microservice.


Its like Java docs but for your microservice. With OMG you don't have to spend hours on the white board explaining how your service works.

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Test your microservice with OMG

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Test your microservice with OMG

The open standard for reuse active we welcome your input and contributions in GitHub.

Contribute With OMG!

We are under development and open to contribution. 100% open source.
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